Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mother's Milk

At my six week postpartum appointment with my midwife, I told her that Mary Abilene was still eating every two hours around the clock. She said that its fine, it really depends on the baby and how much milk my breasts hold, but she told me I should get some Mother's Milk Tea.

My midwife told me that it may increase milk production, as advertised, but she recommends it because it makes your milk more nutrient rich so the baby gets "more bang for their buck". It provides more calories and just a great nutritional value, so it keeps them satisfied longer. So, I started drinking four cups a day the very next day. Almost immediately Mary Abilene started going longer between feedings, particularly at night. In fact, earlier this week she went 5.5 hours, and then two nights ago she lasted seven (7!) hours between feedings, sleeping 6.5 of those 7 hours. Everyone I have mentioned this to tells me that is really good for a breastfed baby. Last night she lasted 4.5 hours, so its not consistent, but it is a big improvement. I think Mary Abilene really turned a corner here. During the day she has been going 2 to 2.5 to 3 hours between feedings.

Her 5th week could definitely have been a growth spurt when she was eating every 2 hours consistently, even at night, but I really think the tea is helping. So I will recommend it to my lactating friends!

The tea includes fennel, anise seed, coriander, fenugreek, blessed thistle, and a proprietary blend for flavor. I think its really tasty; much better than pregnancy teas. It tastes just like fennel to me. I'm sure there are other brands, but I am most familiar with Traditional Medicinals and I can get it at Kroger. It is a bit pricey ($3.99 on sale, $4.99 regular, or $3.59 on Vitacost), and I go through one box in four days.. but.. I think its worth it. When Mary Abilene gets a bit older, maybe I will not drink so much.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Last week of leave

Mary Abilene is 5 1/2 weeks old! This is also the last week of my maternity leave. I am going to be working from home, so we are trying to figure out how to care for a baby and work 8 hours a day. I've been pretend working a little this week to see how much time I will have in between caring for Mary Abilene. It seems pretty challenging. She doesn't nap well in her bed during the day, but today I have figured out how to get her to sleep - the Moby Wrap. So as I type I have a child strapped to the front of me, fast asleep. Hey, it works! I can sit at my desk like this!

It is going to be a challenge, basically being a stay-at-home-full-time-employee-mom. I will go in to work 3 days a week for several hours, and MA gets to come with me. We can trade off a little then, and she can sit with Patrick in his office also. I think it will get a little easier when she is a little older and can start to play and entertain herself. Sitting up would also be helpful because then I'd have more places to put her.

I'm going to try to get back into blogging regularly. I know you are dying for a new recipe! :) We haven't cooked but maybe a handful of times since the birth of MA. Our Sunday School class is super awesome and different people have brought us meals every other day. They totally rock! So I haven't even had to think about cooking, so hence, no recipes.

Ok, my baby is waking .. I think its lunch time!